On Mission in Haiti


Why Haiti

We have asked God the same question. Trips were scouted to the Bahamas and Nicaragua, but doors were shut. Our desire is to go and do with as little restraint as possible and we have found the most freedom to do this within the country of Haiti.


The official language within the country is Haitian Creole. Part of our hesitation in going to Haiti is this great barrier, but we have found that with a little bit of practice a few words can go a long way. Trust us from experience, if you give a smile, then you will almost always get a smile back.

Population %



Learning Haitian Creole

Before you begin this language course, please note that we have loaded these audio files in order for you to learn Haitian Creole so that you can converse with people both in Haiti and in the United States. This course is designed to be studied one lesson a day. Skipping days or combining lessons will affect the overall outcome of the course. It is encouraged that as you become comfortable with certain phrases and words that you attempt to converse with Haitians in the community.